T-300 Mercerized Sateen

Our luxurious sateen weave with mercerized treatment sheets and pillowcases produce an uncompromising sleep experience. A sateen weave linens has a smoother, softer, more lustrous feel. 80/20 Rich Cotton Blend for long lasting wear life and processing savings. There are coloured thread on the bottom hem of linens promotes to easy identification.

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T-300 Mercerized Sateen Weave Sheets and Pillowcase

Name Size Blend Specification Price
T300 Fitted sheet Single 60/40 cotton 39x80x12 $156/dozen
Double 60/40 cotton 54x80x15 $192/dozen
T300 Flat sheet Queen 80/20 Cotton 90x110 $300/dozen
Queen XL 80/20 Cotton 98x120 $348/dozen
King 80/20 Cotton 108x120 $366/dozen
King XL 80/20 Cotton 120x120 $384/dozen
T300 Pillowcase Queen 80/20 cotton 20x40 $550/100 pieces

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  • White color
  • 80/20 Rich Cotton Blend
  • Sateen Weave---LONG FILAMENTS
  • Mercerized Treatment
  • Sanforized for superior shrinkage control
  • Wrinkle and pill resistance
  • Coloured thread on the bottom hem
  • - Double size - Yellow
  • - Queen size - White
  • - King size - Blue
  • - King XL size - Red