T-300 Mercerized 1 cm Stripe

Natural, breathable, sensually soft and high thread count linens for environmentally and socially responsible hotels, guest houses and lodging. Classic 1cm wide woven stripe. There are coloured thread on the bottom hem of linens promotes to easy identification.

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T-300 Mercerized 1 cm Stripe Sheets and Pillowcase

Name Size Blend Specification Price
T300 Flat sheet Queen XL 100% Cotton 98x120 $336/dozen
King 100% Cotton 54x80x15 $192/dozen
Queen 100% Cotton 108x120 $372/dozen
T300 Pillowcase Queen 100% Cotton 20x40 $600/100 pieces

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  • White color
  • 100% Cotton
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Wrinkle and pill resistance
  • Coloured thread on the bottom hem
  • - Double size - Yellow
  • - Queen size - White
  • - King size - Blue
  • - King XL size - Red