T-220 Plain

The T-220 plain wave sheets made from a 60/40 Cotton Polyester Blend which result not only a balance of strength but also affordability. There are coloured thread on the bottom hem of linens promotes to easy identification.

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T-220 Plain Wave Sheets

Name Size Blend Specification Price
T220 Fitted sheet Single 60/40 cotton 39x80x12 $156/dozen
Double 60/40 cotton 54x80x15 $192/dozen
Queen 60/40 cotton 60x80x15 $216/dozen
King 60/40 cotton 78x80x15 $240/dozen
T220 Flat sheet Double 60/40 cotton 82x115 $204/dozen
Queen 60/40 cotton 96x115 $216/dozen
King 60/40 cotton 112x115 $240/dozen

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  • White color
  • 60/40 Rich Cotton Blend
  • Sanforized for superior shrinkage control
  • Wrinkle and pill resistance
  • Coloured thread on the bottom hem
  • - Double size - Yellow
  • - Queen size - White
  • - King size - Blue
  • - King XL size - Red